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You have reached the archives of our old forums.
This section is now read-only, and has been retained for your reference.
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Frequently asked questions

Who can post?

Anyone can post! You don't need to be a member to post to our forums. We just hope you'll abide by the same standards our members do!

Member signup

Would you like to join our forums? Just go to the registration page, enter a unique username and password along with a valid e-mail address, then press the "Signup" button to receive a confirmation e-mail with further details. You must activate your account this way before you can become a member.


Forgotten your password? No problem. Select the "Forgotten password" link and enter your valid e-mail address to receive an e-mail with further details on how to re-activate your account.

Log In

Logging in to the Web Interface is straight forward. Select the "Log in" link on any forum page, enter your username and password and press the "Log in" button. A cookie will be left on your system to automate subsequent logins unless you don't accept it or you delete it from your cache.

Full Text Search

Yes, we have it! You can easily search all of our groups from the Web Forums with the "Search" links you'll find at the top of each page. If you need more control over what you're searching for, select the "Adv. Search" link at the top of the normal "Search" page.


You can remove your own messages for any reason if your not satisfied with them. You must be logged in with a valid username and password before you can do this though. Group Administrators can remove posts by others but that is only done as a last resort to maintain the integrity of our forums.

Get Notified

Using email notifications. Our news and forums server supports sending you email notifications of any new messages you might be interested in. Follow the instructions below to set up a notification for new messages in a particular group or a particular thread.

Getting notifications for a group or forum. Select the "Alerts" link at the top of any group's base page and enter your valid email address in the text box, then press "OK". You will receive an email with additional information.

Getting notifications for a thread. Follow the same instructions as above from the Topic page for the thread you wish to be notified about. You will receive an email with additional information.

Having problems? If you don't receive your confirmation email shortly after sending your request, make sure you have entered your correct email address (without any spam-protecting alterations) and try again.

News Readers

Use your favorite newsreader! For the "News Server" use Consult your newsreader's Help pages for information about where to enter your username and password if you've already signed up online and received them. You can practice posting in the "test" newsgroup included specifically for this purpose, if you like.

Forum Codes

There are some special codes available to add emphasis to parts of postings. News Readers can also use the special display codes but only users of the web forums will see the resulting graphical "Smilies". These are implemented by utilizing the following standard keyboard character sequences:

  • Grin: <G> or <g>
  • Happy: :-) or :) or =)
  • Unhappy: :-( or :(
  • Wink: ;-) or ;)

Single words can be highlighted (some News Readers may see these too), by using these methods:

  • italics - place a forward slash ("/") at the beginning and at the end of a word: /italics/
  • underline - place an underscore ("_") at the beginning and at the end of a word: _underline_
  • bold - place an asterisk ("*") at the beginning and at the end of a word: *bold*


Avatars are allowed up to 80 pixels in height by 80 pixels in width. The forum also converts these to X-Face images for newsreaders. If you don't know what "X-Face" is, review the text at the Online X-Face Converter. (Objectionable avatars are subject to immediate removal from these forums and newsgroups.)