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Author Topic: DataGrid 3.1, application is crashing
Reto Schaller DataGrid 3.1, application is crashing
on 2007-09-21 (EST)
We are using DataGrid 3.1 in Visual Basic 6.

We need to use AutomatedQa TestComplete tool V6 Beta ( to 
get the object properties (example: see attachment).

AutomatedQa is working fine with every control, except for the infragistrics 
data grid: It crashes. There is no error message at all.

What could be the cause of that problem?
Is there any log file or such a thing for DataGrid? 


Infragistics DataGrid 3.1 (OLEDB) --> SSOleDBGrid
File name: SSDW3Bo.ocx
File version: 3.03.0004

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