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Author Topic: Memory Errors with version Ultragrid
Oscar Cabrisses Memory Errors with version Ultragrid
on 2007-10-11 (EST)
Just a few days ago, one of our clients performed an upgrade of several 
workstations (HP dc7700p). After upgrading, several of the workstations 
started throwing memory errors while processing data in the grid. 

I don't know if any one has faced this issue. The application's core is VB6 
Windows with the Ultra Grid and the workstations are using Windows 
XP Pro SP2 Build 2600.

I have also attached two images that correspond to this issue.

<Time><![CDATA[10/4/2007 1:42 PM]]></Time>
<Type><![CDATA[Application Error]]></Type>
<Details><![CDATA[Faulting application PSRespond.exe, version, 
faulting module igultragrid20.ocx, version, fault address 

Thanks for the assistance.

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